QTC Traffic Controllers

Established in 1995 with headquarters in Sydney, Quick Turn Circuits Pty Ltd (QTC) has over 20 years history in developing, manufacturing and maintaining traffic and transport related systems. QTC is one of the leading manufacturers of traffic controllers in Australia, based on the Sydney coordinated adaptive traffic system (known as SCATS), which is used and operated in 27 countries and controls some 37,000 intersections worldwide.

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As a leader in the design and delivery of innovative and cost effective solutions for engineering and commissioning of transport and traffic systems, QTC ensures that product and systems development are certified to a ISO9001:2008 standard. QTC is competitive and world class in function and performance, and therefore provides reliable operation in all possible environments to a global market. This includes the successful supply of product and systems to countries such as Australia, Colombia, Ecuador, Ireland, Qatar, China, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Samoa, New Zealand and Pakistan.

A traffic controller is an automated device that regulates the sequencing and timing of traffic signals by monitoring vehicular and pedestrian demands and adjusting to meet these requirements.

The controller has the ability to allow co-ordination of traffic flows between adjacent intersections when connected to a co-ordinated adaptive traffic system. As designers and system integration specialists, QTC has proven experience, technical expertise, a global resource base and business relationships, allowing it to provide leading edge integrated turnkey solutions for local and international markets.

QTC has been a subsidiary of Traffic Technologies Ltd since 2013 and is based at Traffic Technologies manufacturing facility at Rhodes, NSW.

QTC Traffic Controller Products


The TRANSnet Public Transport Priority system, introduces a revolutionary approach to providing effective.

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Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) is the leading traffic management system used to monitor and control thousands of traffic signals around the world.

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QTC advanced traffic controller – the new generation traffic controller the latest generation in traffic control using the highly reliable Hadron Traffic Controller.

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TC Traffic Controller New CM3248-VC6 Command Module fully compatible with latest TRAFF versions and RMS amendment to TSC/4.

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