Audio Tactile Pedestrian Detector

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Audio Tactile Pedestrian Detector

The system comprises two separate units; a post mounted weatherproof box, which accommodates the electronic control circuitry, power supply and ambient noise monitor microphone, plus an Aldridge Traffic Systems (ATS) audio tactile push-button assembly. The push-button assembly accommodates the tactile transducer fitted to the front escutcheon plate, which also houses the audio signal transmitter. Two models are available, the push-button assembly or an ATS CW series type assembly.

Audio Tactile Pedestrian Detector Push Button Assembly

Representing a major technology advance from ATS, the audio tactile detector and push-button assembly, is available with options of either audio only, tactile only or audio plus tactile indication. The audio tactile facilities can be partnered with either the ATS pedestrian push-button

assembly, where uniformity at existing installations or visual wait sign indication is desired. All pedestrians, including those with sight and/or hearing impairments, are catered for with the ATS pedestrian detection and indication system.


  • Provides both tactile and audio indication facilities
  • Emits a continuous audio signal to aid push-button assembly location and identification
  • Distinct audio and tactile signal for positive walk (cross) indication
  • Audible signal level controls automatically adjust for ambient noise
  • Time lapse sensing electronics ensure smooth automatic level control
  • Only responds to consistent increases in ambient noise, ignoring isolated transient fluctuations
  • Maximum level audio tone adjustment
  • Reliable proven audio and tactile adjustment
  • Reliable proven audio and tactile transducer
  • Sensitive ambient noise monitoring
  • Factory adjustable zero set, change tone, tactile, walk tone and don’t walk tone levels
  • Operationally proven design
  • Utilisation of standard push button assemblies, universal pedestrian acceptance and to facilitate maintenance support
  • Solid state circuitry, proven transducer and means of signal interlocking, ensure ultimate safety and reliability
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