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Road safety, Pedestrian Safety and efficiency within transport networks
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Programmable Electronic Road Safety Signage for School Zones, Information and Traffic Hazards. Our electronic sign range includes VMS (Variable Message Signs), ESLS, (Electronic Speed Limit Signs), VSLS (Variable Speed Limit Signs), and AWS (Advanced Warning Signs) and portable message signs.

Electronic Road Signage is crucial in ensuring the safety and efficiency of transport networks within our communities. Our comprehensive range of Electronic Road Safety Signage includes static and transportable signage, speed signs for roads, school speed zones, flood warning signs, overheight vehicle and event signage. Programmable LED messages can be scheduled and programmed to your requirements.

We understand the importance of safety, and our solutions are designed to contribute to the safety, mobility, and efficiency of transport networks in your community. So, if you want to ensure the smooth running of your transportation networks, contact us today!



Versatile state of the art modular digital matrix display, utilising the latest in LED technology, optics and software.

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Programmable Electronic Speed Limit sign with high visibly, programmable speed display and yellow conspicuity device.

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High Visibility LED signs, designed for smooth, uniform light distribution, with IP55 rated enclosure and lamp failure monitoring.

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AWS use microwave radar to detect approaching vehicles. It has a solar cell, battery and control box.

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Solar Powered Portable Traffic Lights, Portable VMS & Roof Mounted and Trailer Arrow Boards.

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