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Connecting Smart Street Lights –

Vehicle and pedestrian lighting require precise luminaire performance as defined in the Australian standard AS/NZS1158 defined as category V (Vehicles) and Category P (Pedestrians). Applications include major and arterial roads, freeways, tunnels, underpasses, major intersections, low traffic urban roads, pedestrian areas and car parks.

Aldridge lighting technology and expertise achieve the required illumination results for safe night-time motoring in all road conditions.

For the past 25 years, Aldridge has delivered some of the most prominent roadway lighting projects in Australia.

Our fittings use the latest technology and can be customised to provide the most effective and efficient lighting schemes using specific luminaires with specific photometric performance.

Aldridge provides luminaire performance information in electronic format, including intensity data, isolux diagrams, spacing tables, and computer programs to help with the design process.



For ‘P’ Category roads, residential streets, parks, walkways, driveways, security – Como, Flat, PLed II, Outdoor, Boston, Berlin, SolSolution

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VLED MID, VLED II, H-LED, E-LED, Meeting Australian Standards, Roads Authorities,
Power Distribution Requirements and Approvals

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A comprehensive ‘state of the art’ lighting system, single point with multiple functions, works with “SmartCity” loT platform, TST.

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Luminaires for tunnel & underpass interiors – VLed Mid, VLed MKII, BLed, Flud SM & L, SLed, TLed – maximising safety for all road users.

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