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TST Smart City Software Technology connects the functionality of today’s cities across one platform. Smart sensors create a real-time view of services and assets using TST technology to interpret and integrate data sources to improve the efficiency of services across all facilities or devices, including:

  • Saving Energy
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Protecting Environment
  • Reducing Costs

IoT Management System

TST is a secure, reliable and scalable platform that allows asset owners or service providers to integrate all assets into the world of IoT. The TST solution is a world where multiple devices are connected and interact with their environment and customers, allowing for new opportunities in management and decision making in asset management performance.

Connections – The TST Platform allows multiple communication technologies from LoRa, Zigby and NBIoT allowing owners complete flexibility in sensors location, function and customer requirements.

Control – TST enables owners and users the ability to interact with connected assets, giving understanding and visibility of its real time status, performance and usage.

Customizable – Web and app based Interfaces can be fully customised to fulfill your requirements for operators or customers, giving simple and intuitive functions like mapping assets, current and historic alarms and bespoke data reports.

Data – With TST capturing and monitoring all connected devices, you are able to use data to inform and transform traditional decision making processes, by using the data evidenced showing asset performance, trends and interventions


Temperature is measured by a highly accurate Air Chip 3000, and Humidity is measured using a capacitive humidity sensor (accuracy <0.8%/0.1K).

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Monitoring sensors, (iBarrier) detect and report: Rotation (deg), Tilt (deg), Impact (Gforce), GPS Location, Internal power level (%SOC)

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Intelligent Street Lighting reduces energy costs up to 35% through intelligent on/off switching, and efficient management of consumption.

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Lora, NBioT, Zigbee, Powerline, Radio Frequency, RS485, Bluetooth

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Cloud Asset Management System (CAMS) is a web-based solution, with advanced communication and easy integration with new or existing installations, able to monitor single or multiple point sensors.

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