Asset Management

Asset Management


Cloud Asset Management System (CAMS) is a web-based solution, with advanced communication and easy integration with new or existing installations, able to monitor single or multiple point sensors.

It facilitates reduction in power consumption, CO emission and light pollution and moreover an optimized maintenance planning and security.

  • Cloud based management system
  • Convenient management entry
  • Support multiple communication protocols
  • Integration into third party system
  • Keep the entire street lighting system in view
  • Distributed deployment, extendible RTU space
  • Fault alarms
  • Easy installation
  • Lamp and line status
  • Power quality metering
  • Remote monitoring (turn on-off, dimming, data query, etc)


User Friendly Interface

  • Cloud based control and management system for city assets
  • Convenient management entry
  • Multilingual choices


Geographic Information

  • Based on GIS system design
  • 2D/3D map
  • Batch control operation
  • Lines and Branches marked
  • Real time alarm warning
  • Quick positioning and facilities maintenance
  • Equipment partition management
  • Batch deployment capabilities


Task Strategy

  • Rapid deployment
  • Sensor control
  • Offline tasks
  • Rapid synchronization
  • Customised task strategy


Alarm System

  • Customised alarm type and conditions
  • Multiple alarm notification
  • Alarm tracking
  • Alarm trace back
  • Real time alarm warning
  • Alarm positioning
  • Alarm statistics


Energy Reporting

  • Real-time energy consumption
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Energy saving rate, light rate statistics
  • Electricity cost reference
  • Date/Month/Year data statistics
  • Data export
  • Equipment status statistics


Asset Management

  • Rapid batch device information input
  • Automatically UID data collection
  • Lat. & Long. Data import by batch
  • Compatible with multiple surveillance devices
  • Auto-equipment commissioning
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