TST Smart City Technology

SmartCity is an urban development vision to integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, in a secure fashion to manage a city's assets.

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Traffic’s SmartCity Technology, TST, brings together the functionality of todays modern cities, segmented into 4 fundamental categories across one platform, giving cities of today the necessary platform and sensors to use urban informatics and technology to improve the efficiency of services across all facilities, including; Saving Energy, Reducing Carbon Emissions, Protecting Environment and Reducing Costs.

Traffic’s SmartCity Technology, TST, is a key part of Traffic Technologies Ltd. TST designs and develops cutting edge technology and sensors to monitor, control and analyse the functionality of the worlds modern cities today.

As city populations continue to increase, consuming more than 70% of the world’s energy supply. It becomes necessary to improve the efficiency of all services across all facilities. The need for smart technology is becoming an essential part of the modern city.

TST monitoring products and CAMS (Cloud Asset Management Software), enables authorities to control real-time management of city assets, monitor movement and deliver city security. Whilst giving citizens accurate information on anything from travel delays and parking, to air quality and weather.

Smart Solutions Beyond Tomorrow -TST

  • Saves Energy
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions
  • Protects Environment
  • Reduces Costs

Our team of managers and engineers have exceptional knowledge of ICT, with an ongoing research program to ensure our products incorporate the latest technology, enabling us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and users.

Our distribution network includes offices throughout Australia and the United Kingdom. We also have agents and distributors in Ireland, Denmark, France, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, South America and UAE.

SmartCity Traffic Technology Products


Temperature is measured by a highly accurate Air Chip 3000, and Humidity is measured using a capacitive humidity sensor (accuracy <0.8%/0.1K).

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Monitoring sensors, (iBarrier) detect and report: Rotation (deg), Tilt (deg), Impact (Gforce), GPS Location, Internal power level (%SOC)

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Intelligent Street Lighting reduces energy costs up to 35% through intelligent on/off switching, and efficient management of consumption.

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Lora, NBioT, Zigbee, Powerline, Radio Frequency, RS485, Bluetooth

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Cloud Asset Management System (CAMS) is a web-based solution, with advanced communication and easy integration with new or existing installations, able to monitor single or multiple point sensors.

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