Intelligent Street Lighting reduces energy costs up to 35% through intelligent on/off switching, targeted progressive dimming and efficient management of the consumption. To make sure that the system is flexible and adaptable to any customer and specific project conditions, the TST controllers can use several LoT communication and can also adapt to any local network coverage requirements.

The TST system guarantees a continuous, seamless and autonomous street lighting operation. It offers lamp-level management and feedback capabilities, reduces the overall grid management effort and increases its performance. This system gives the flexibility of pre-programmed schedules, plan a schedule of your own or manually manage every street lamp, according to your needs. If the communication fails for any reason, the system is smart enough to continue operating the lamps autonomously, while trying to re-establish a live connection.

The TST system offers detailed map view where all street lighting fixtures and lighting panels, with full information and electrical diagnostics. The systems monitors a vast array of electrical parameters (voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active energy, reactive energy, power factor, frequency etc.) for the entire grid and advanced analytic reports help to understand trends, reduce energy loss, improve lighting policies and increase street lighting overall satisfaction.


Lamp Controller (LCU12R)

  • RS485 Communication
  • 176V-242V AC input
  • Current, voltage, power factor, power consumption remote reading
  • Remote switching on/off, dimming
  • Fault alarms: lamp failure, power failure, node lost, relay failure, under voltage, over voltage, over current
  • Lamp high temperature, lamp life-time warning (different items have different alarms)

  • 0-10V and PWM dimming

Lamp Controller RU450

  • Standard: ANSI C136.10, BS5972:80
  • Electronic:  Wired
  • Voltage Rate: 120 VAC (110V, 127V), 240 VAC (220V, 230V)
  • Operating Temperature: -40° C to + 70°C
  • Detection Time:  3-15 Secs
  • Power Consumption: <0.25 Watt
  • Lifetime: >5000 cycles
  • Housing: UV Stabilised Polycarbonate
  • Failure Mode: Fail ON
  • IP Rating: IP65/IP67
  • Load Rating: 50/60Hz

Signal Controller (SCU02)

  • RS485 Communication
  • Automatic management for lamp controllers in group
  • IP Grade: Ip67
  • 1:50 ratio – Signal Controller: Lamp Controller


Concentrator – RTU 200Z

  • Remote monitoring

– Longitude

– Latitude

– Light

– Time

  • Alarm

– +/- Current x3

– +/- Voltage x3

– Cabinet door open

– Power On/Off

– Leakage

– Theft

  • Built-in Power meter
  • Firmware upgrading local/remotely
  • Backup battery: 8 hours


iCell Wireless Lamp Controller

  • Wireless communication

– Zigbee

  • Remote monitoring

– Longitude

– Latitude

– Tilt


  • Dimming

– PWM 0-10V

  • IP65 Protection
  • Nema Base
  • Power

– Stand-by <2 watts

– Max Power <500 watts


Tunnel Lighting

Tunnel lighting must always guarantee that the visual perception of a driver is maintained, both during the day and night, by avoiding excessive variations in lighting levels when entering and exiting a tunnel.

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