New Products from the Brand You Know and Trust for 40 Years

SolSolution Halo

LED SOLAR Bollard Lighting

The Aldridge SolSolution Halo vandal resistant to IK10+ offers exceptional dusk to dawn lighting for urban locations or places where vandalism maybe a concern. 

The premium product lamp housing is manufactured from moulded UV protected SLX Lexan. The marine grade aluminium bollard is powder coated and comes with tamper proof, stainless steel security fixings. The bollard is also available in 304/316 grade stainless steel. 

Combined with the IK10+ certification for impact resistance and IP68 submersible waterproof rating, the SolSolution Halo vandal resistant bollard is safeguarded from the environment and deliberate acts of vandalism or theft.

The bollard has an invisible 360° radar sensor to detect movement, increasing the lamp’s output as you approach and dimming as you pass, ensuring maximum output is available only when required while still providing ambient light, extending the battery charge when full output is not necessary.

Wave Goodbye to Old Technology

iTouch and iTouch+

Pedestrians can now activate the push button controls at the signalised intersection with just a wave of their hand. Introducing Aldridge iTouch the latest technology in Contactless Pedestrian Push Button Control for Safer Pedestrian Signalised Crossings.

SRAS System

Side Road Activated Speeds (SRAS) is an innovative treatment applied to high speed rural intersections to reduce the risk of a fatal or serious injury.

‘The Safe System Principle’ of collision speeds note that the survivability of a side impact crash dramatically decreases when a vehicle impacts another vehicle at speeds greater than 50km/h.

Vehicles travelling on a Side Road that are approaching an intersection with a Major Road trigger a detector which activates a temporary speed reduction on the Main Road for a short period of time, using Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS).

The ESLS reduces the speed on the Main Road from the designated speed down to the side road activated, speed level. This speed reduction on the Main Road allows vehicles travelling on the Main Road to react and brake, so that if a crash occurred at the intersection between a vehicle on the Main Road and a vehicle on the Side Road, the vehicle on the Main Road would be travelling at a reduced speed at the point of impact, therefore reducing the possibility of a fatal or serious injury.

TASMAN – Heritage Charm, Tomorrow’s Technology

ALDRIDGE TASMAN Reminiscent of Times Past, Smart City Ready

The classic charm of the Tasman is designed for the suburban streets in heritage towns or to add a touch of nostalgia to older streetscapes in cities, squares and parks. The Tasman LED luminaire retains a brilliant daylight luminance with the latest energy efficient LEDs and is especially designed for easy installation.  Combined with our standard ‘P’ Category light engine that meets  AS 1158.3.1 Cat. P, the Tasman gives you the perfect solution to keep your town charming, smart city ready with a mighty reduction on energy bills. Available in 10, 14, 20, 30, 60 System Watts

The Resilience Range


Designed in the UK, the Resilience luminaire collection is designed and manufactured  specifically to withstand the harshest of environments and vandal prone locations.

With an IP65 rating, and impact rating from IK14 – IK20, Resilience luminaires are suitable for both interior and exterior installations, including anti-ligature options for secure establishments.

S-LED2 Stainless Steel LED

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Warehouses
  • Depots
  • Poultry Farms
  • Workshop Areas
  • Food Processing Plants

The S2-LED energy efficient luminaire is designed for areas where hygiene and sanitation is a priority.

The S2-LED produces adequate natural light needed for the inspection of cleanliness, whilst the stainless steel housing is easily sanitized. Making this light suitable for the food industry; dairies, brewing, canning and bottling plants, poultry farms, frozen foods, and warehousing as well as chemical and biohazard environments.

Solar Powered Speed Detector Warning Signs

  • The sign system can be operated via our TST SmartCity platform
  • Integrated into your existing platform using standard LoRaWan technology
  • Two sizes available, with or without the SLOW DOWN LED display
  • 360° full day charging hexagonal solar panel
  • Programmable from 0 – 99 LED display
  • Speed activated ‘SLOW DOWN’ display when programmed to a set speed limit
  • Speed activated KPH display via radar technology
  • Super-reflective sign board available in 3 standard colours, 2 fluorescent colours or white
  • Any colour combination available
  • Custom messages printed in any colour

Australian designed and manufactured by DeNeefe, the latest collection of reactive LED Speed Warning signs are now available. Built to the highest standards and quality, these new LED signs are solar powered, using the SolSolution 360° hexagonal solar panel. This unit is designed to capture the sun throughout daylight hours from all angles. The sign is incredibly energy efficient whilst the cost of installation is greatly reduced compared to standard wired units.

DeNeefe Big Foot

  • Temporary Parking Lots
  • Transit Lane for Special Vehicles
  • Green Belts Zone
  • Pedestrian Zones
  • Preferential Lanes
  • Roadworks
  • Traffic Direction
  • No Entry

This versatile stackable parking bollard can be used as a stand alone zone delimiter or used in conjunction with road signs, indicators and other traffic regulators to direct traffic. Road traffic signs advise drivers of danger, inform traffic of no entry access, any diversions or traffic re-direction.

Available in Yellow, Green, Pink and Red

DeNeefe Delineator Super Size Bollard

  • Transit Lane for Special Vehicles
  • Preferential Lanes
  • Roadworks
  • Traffic Direction

The DeNeefe Delineator Bollard is a super signage bollard, especially designed to indicate highway and road junctions. It is also used to alert vehicles of upcoming obstacles, lane separation and dangerous situations. Manufactured from nontoxic polyethylene the Delineator is extremely strong, durable, U.V. resistant and recyclable. The cylindrical Delineator is hollow with a large screw top, allowing the filling of ballast, water or aggregate bags. It has a drainage plug located at the bottom to empty the ballast.

The DeNeefe Delineator Bollard incorporates bright reflective arrows to indicate directions, whilst ensuring high visibility from a considerable distance. The Delineator comes in four sizes, including 1.65 m. H. super size for use on highways and three other sizes for use on other roads and situations. Available in Yellow and Green

T-Beacon – Flashing Solar Rechargeable Beacon

  • Remote Work Areas
  • Traffic Speed Reduction
  • Management Operations

The T-Beacon is a versatile flashing amber light unit which has an on/off switch, is rechargeable and comes with battery backup. It clamps easily onto multi message signs and any box edge sign. Easy to set up and extremely bright the T-Beacon is suitable for any worksite in remote areas, towns, temporary roadworks etc.