Monitoring Movement


The functionality of iDet is for the measuring of movement, whether people, vehicles or counting of traffic flows and the activation of additional devices.

Types of detection:

  • Radar
  • Induction Loop
  • Laser
  • Video

The Wireless Vibration Sensor, Rolling Ball Type is equipped with an external rolling ball type vibration sensor. It can detect vibration or moving signals and send alerts to data centre through LoRaWAN.

The Wireless Activity Sensor is to detect sudden movement or vibration alert but can also be used to do event counting such as detecting the motor running times per day. It can detect movement or vibration through LoRaWAN. The communication is fully compatible.

Monitoring Manholes


The TST iACCESS Manhole Cover Sensor is especially designed for the detection of movement of manhole covers such as in underground electrical equipment or sewage systems. When the manhole cover is moved, open or an abnormal situation occurs, the device detects the status and sends an alarm via the sensor.

LoRaWan Module

Through the built-in LoRaWan module, the detector passes status information to the network server via the LoRaWan gateway, then to the application server. Users can remotely monitor the manhole status, whether moved after installation or not. This equipment can be widely used in smart city projects. Based on a low-power algorithm, the internal battery can work for more than 10 years. The IP68 protection level meets stringent requirements.


  • Internal battery can work for more than 10 years
  • Wireless technology GPRS
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted online
  • Water level detection function (premium version)
  • Applications
  • Manhole movement detection
  • Sewerage test (advanced version)

Monitoring Flood


The TST iFlood sensor, monitors levels of water in flood prone areas, pits, low level roads and road drainage systems that are subject to flooding.  TST iFlood is a wireless liquid level sensor that allows remote monitoring of status and control.  The TST iFlood carries a communication interface, and is fitted with an external sensor. The communication is fully compatible with LoRaWAN protocol.

The Wireless Liquid Level Sensor has a range of 3m, 5m, 10m depending on the model and the accuracy is 0.25% FS typical.

Monitoring Illuminance


The TST LU602 illuminance photometer monitors the average illuminance within a tunnel. In accordance to C.I.E recommendations the photometer monitors the average illuminance over a range of 0-20,000 lux. The detector is a metal/glass encased silicon diode photocell which is filtered to give a response that mimics the performance of the human eye. The LU602 Illuminance photometer has a 4-20 mA output to export data to the TST tunnel lighting system and the sensor is housed in a rugged glass reinforced polyester enclosure which has an IP65 rating and an internal thermostatically controlled heater. The purpose of monitoring the illuminance in a road tunnel is to ensure the light intensity inside the road tunnel portal is regulated to the correct level so that drivers do not have to adjust their eyes quickly or become affected by the “black hole” effect where they decelerate rapidly and become a hazard to other road users. This is accomplished in conjunction with the LU100 Luminance monitor.

Monitoring Luminance


The TST LU100 luminance photometer, monitors the average luminance of a tunnel entrance and its surroundings.

The TST LU100 has a 4-20 mA output to export data to the TST tunnel lighting system. The sensor is housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure which has an IP66 rating, it has an internal thermostatically controlled heater for snow and ice conditions.

In accordance to CIE recommendations, luminance should be monitored as the luminance contained within in a conical field of view, subtending an angle of 200° and where the luminance photometer is mounted at the tunnel approach road approximately 100 – 200 metres from the portal, depending on the approach speed of the vehicles and their stopping distance.

The purpose of monitoring the luminance at the portal is to adjust the level of light intensity inside the road tunnel to the light intensity outside, so that drivers do not have to adjust their eyes quickly or become affected by the “black hole” effect, where they decelerate rapidly and become a hazard to other road users.

Monitoring People


This platform helps to measure street traffic, store visits, and people behaviour around the city, parks, inside specifics spaces such as parks and festivals, stores, restaurants or public transport.

The iPEOPLE sensor analyses large volume of data in real time, in a non-intrusive way and always guarantees customer privacy.


Through the passive listening of the Wi-Fi signals, we collect anonymised data, which is processed through our algorithms and converted into valuable customer-behaviour or valuable business KPI.


We connect the offline data with the identified purchase thus obtaining an omni-channel customer journey that will let you define personalised messages according to the behaviour and relationship with the brand.


We use the Wi-Fi channel enabled by our technology, to open a communication channel between the brand and your customers being able to adapt the content to the specific profile of each of the visits.

Monitoring Security Locks


TST SmartLock can be used in numerous industrial situations, securing: Traffic signal control cabinets, rail, power, water and gas distribution networks etc.TST SmartLock replaces the conventional padlock security on perimeter fences for remote telecommunications, pumping, substations and storage facilities, monitoring chain of custody process for shipping containers and other high value storage modules.

The 3 major elements of the TST SmartLock System

  1. An electronic SmartLock can be fitted to any cabinet using the existing lock position
  2. A technician can request digital keys for a specific lock via the Smartphone App
  3. The enterprise system:
  • Manages SmartLocks (enrollment, diagnostics, updates etc.)
  • Manages authorised contractors (onboard/offboard)
  • Manages smartphone Apps (enrollment, updates, registration)
  • Generates digital keys as required (for use via the App)
  • Provides escalation and management of alarms and events generated by SmartLocks
  • Provides reports and analysis

Monitoring Parking


As a result of people’s use of private motor vehicles, urban parking, especially on-street parking, is a key component of urban mobility. Providing relevant information about both on-street parking and alternative means of transport, allows drivers to make sensible decisions about their use of private motor vehicles.

TST iPark allows management of on-street parking due to advanced technologies and devices, this solution provides state-of-the-art solutions for cities, parking operators and drivers.

This platform provides drivers with a set of applications which turn urban mobility into a pleasant experience. It allows a much broader approach to the management of parking space and parking fees, based on real-time information.

TST iPark Sensor is especially designed for the detection of vehicles parked in a particular parking space. When the space is occupied the TST iPark sensor relays the information through LoRaWan.

LoRaWan Module

The parking sensor is surface mounted onto the road surface, and is easily removed if necessary. With a highly accurate magnetic sensor and vehicle detection algorithms it accurately detects parked vehicles. The TST iPark sensor is the optimal monitoring device for on-street and off-street municipal parking.

Monitoring Waste


This platform enables cities and businesses to manage their waste cost-efficiently, be more environmentally responsible, and improve the wellbeing of people.

The solution combines unique ultrasonic Smart Sensors that monitor waste real-time with sophisticated software providing cities and businesses with data-driven decision making.

The sensors are flexible and can monitor any type of waste: mixed waste, paper, plastics, glass, clothing, bio waste, liquids, electronics, metal of various types and sizes.

The TST iWaste sensor is designed for waste bin status, measuring fill levels and transmitting data for monitoring and clean up. Detecting the following scenarios…

  • Full
  • Almost Full
  • Empty
  • Fire risk
  • Fall or Movement

Using the LoRaWAN® module, the iWaste sensor transmits the status of a given waste bin, via a gateway to the network and application server. The user monitors the status remotely. With the application software, the user can assign the collector resource work and route plan. Analyse task performance and find solution to improve. Finally the objective of high efficiency , good environment, and low cost are achieved. It is optional for different frequency, such as 923Mhz (Australia,New Zealand), 470Mhz (China), 868Mhz (Europe), 915Mhz(USA). As it is with algorithm of low power consumption, the internal battery can work for more than 5 years (at 4 hours upload intervals).

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