iTouch –

Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button

Wave Goodbye to Old Technology

iTouch Touch-Less Pedestrian Push Button 

Pedestrians can now activate the push button controls at the signalised intersection with just a wave of their hand. 

Introducing Aldridge iTouch the latest technology in Touch-less Pedestrian Push Buttons for Hygienic alternative for Safer Pedestrian Signalised Crossings. Pedestrians can now activate the push button controls at the signalised intersection with just a wave of their hand.

With traditional push button controls, pedestrians physically push the button at traffic signal intersections to inform the traffic signals they are waiting to cross the road. With Aldridge iTouch no physical touch is necessary.

The iTouch Sensor has been successfully tested to a 10,000,000 activation rate.


Public Hygiene

Today more than ever before, improved hygiene measures are necessary. The risk of infection is greatly increased by human to surface contact. With the introduction of the new iTouch, the spread of infection is substantially reduced. iTouch is a hygienic alternative to standard pedestrian push buttons, which protects the public against potential contamination of their hands and virus spread.

Reduces Traffic Congestion

The iTouch ensures that traffic flow can continue to operate adaptively.  Unnecessary stopping cycles are decreased by stopping vehicles only when a pedestrian uses the iTouch. This reduces traffic congestion, driver frustration and improves pedestrian safety.

Touch less System

The iTouch features an Infrared Proximity Sensor so that pedestrians can request a crossing phase with just a wave of their hand in front of the illuminated sensor. iTouch retains the functionality of the traditional push button, including the audio tactile features for the hearing or vision impaired and call record for if required.


Allowing pedestrians to control when crossing at traffic intersections, reduces waiting times, frustration and encourages safer pedestrian behaviour.

User Instruction Sticker Available

Aldridge offer a self-adhesive sticker for the mounting pole. This features crossing instructions in multiple language translations, to suit your particular requirements. Your road authority logo can be printed on the sticker as shown.