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Clearsonics Emergency Phones


In times of an emergency a help phone must be simple to use as unrestrictive as possible. A hands-free phone only needs the user to press a button once, even if they were injured or disabled it is easier to press a button than to hold onto a handset.

The user needs feedback that the phone is connecting them. A push button with travel will let them know so they know it has been pressed. Both visual and audible feedback is important to indicate that a call has been placed. A delay in any feedback would appear as an eternity in an emergency situation.

In relation to using a handset the cord length determines the restriction to a users movement and means only one hand is free. The hands-free user has the flexibility to use both hands. This then allows the user to do other tasks such as: applying first aid, directing traffic, taking notes or even receive instructions to fix a car with their head under the bonnet which could be even more important for remote locations. A hands-free help phone should be able to operate in the expected maximum noise environment.

  • Mobile (GSM) fixed line (PSTN) telephone or Ethernet connectivity (VoIP)
  • Extensive internal diagnostics, accessible locally or remotely
  • Configure remotely using tone-dialling,
  • Adaptive volume control and duplex operation
  • Programmable send and receive levels
  • Internal battery with charging options (solar, mains or remote power feed)
  • Illuminated option
  • Digitally stored announcements
  • Response to remote user commands is by digitised voice
  • Tilt / vandal detection with automatic dial up reporting
  • Unique ID for location information
  • One push button standard but can be expanded to three
  • Lightning and radio frequency interference protection on PSTN / DC feed board
  • Audible and visual feedback on button press with LED Buttons
  • Master / slave option when placed on each side of the road
  • Polycarbonate label where graphics can be readily customised
  • 5mm extruded aluminium housing with dual high security locks and powder coat finish
  • IP rating of 55 for housing


  • Dimensions: 210W x 1475H x 130D (mm) (illuminated version 2380H)
  • Base cover: 445mm diameter
  • Weight: 50kg (including internal pole)
  • Solar pole: 4.5 metres



  • Temperature range: -10 to +70 degrees C
  • Humidity: 95% non-condensing


Power Options

  • 12V solar panel
  • Mains plug pack 15VDC 1A
  • Remote power feed 22V-70VDC
  • Internal 12V sealed lead acid battery


  • PSTN or PABX
  • GSM (Next G SIM compatible)
  • Ethernet (VoIP)



  • Adaptive full duplex
  • Automatic volume control
  • Noise environments up to 105dBA
  • High clarity speaker to deliver up to 120dBA


User Interface

  • Hands-free operation
  • Illuminated push buttons (Optional)
  • Standard network tones
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