Lantern Hardware Accessories

Traffic Lantern Hardware Accessories

To partner their wide range of lantern products, Aldridge Traffic Systems ATS offer a comprehensive range of lantern mounting hardware and accessories. ATS customers can select suitable items from the ATS range to meet the needs of widely varying lantern visor and lantern mounting requirements. Manufactured from quality materials, all these products offer durable and reliable long term field service.

Target Boards

ATS have an extensive standard range of grey target boards for both 200mm and 300mm lanterns. Models are available to suit single or multiple aspect lanterns as well as double lantern column applications. The target boards feature modular construction of a design which permits target boards to be replaced or added in the field without the need to remove the existing fixed lanterns. These are available with or without white borders. The target board components are manufactured from flame retardant ABS material which ensures minimum damage in event of an accident or polyester powder coated aluminium.

Arrow Symbols

To achieve reliable and versatile arrow symbol lantern displays, ATS offer arrow masks which fit snugly against the inside curvature of 200mm and 300mm lenses. This concept eliminates any peeling problems. Both symbol shapes to AS/NZS2144:2002 and BS505 are available, but the concept also allows ATS to offer alternate symbol displays including T, X, B and other symbol requirements.

ATS Post Top Mounting Assembly

Designed to mount on standard 100mm posts(pedestals) the ATS upper mounting bracket, terminal assembly and finial cap combine to form the upper mounting post top assembly. A selection of terminal assembly requirements to meet individual needs and international wiring regulations are available. The upper mounting bracket provides for 4 lantern mounting points and up to 8 cable entry points. Standard assemblies are available in either a natural finish, traffic signal yellow, green or smoke blue.

Closed Type Visors

ATS closed type visors are also available in varying lengths as follows:

  • 200mm-200mm
  • 300mm
  • 400mm
  • 300mm-300mm
  • 400mm

These visors may be fitted with half or full, horizontal or vertical louvres.

Cutaway Visors

The Standard range of ATS cutaway visors is the same as detailed closed type visors. Both left hand and right models are available. The visors may be fitted with half louvres or full, horizontal or vertical.

Open Type Visors

Open visor types are designed for fitting to primary signal lanterns-that is lanterns which are normally situated adjacent to the associated phase stop line. As with all ATS visors, these visors are fitted to the lanterns using convenient reliable springs to facilitate assembly on installation and maintenance. The 200mm diameter and 300mm diameter open type visors are 200mm and 300mm long respectively.

Other AG Hardware Items

ATS are able to supply all customer needs for a traffic signal installation including the items described above together with

  • Standard posts(pedestals)
  • Overhead posts(pedestals)
  • Mast arm assemblies
  • Gantries to specification
  • Lantern mounting straps in a variety of sizes
  • Mounting plinths, underground terminal boxes, junction boxes etc.

The finial cap section which provides complete weather protection for the terminal points are manufactured from insulating material for safety.

Pole Mounting Brackets

Designed to partner the ATS upper mounting bracket assembly, (post top mounting assembly) The ATS lower mounting bracket assembly is available in half section offering two mounting points or double section offering four mounting points and is designed to suit 100mm posts (pedestals).


ATS manufacture a wide selection of visors(cowls)for both their 200mm and 300mm vehicle lanterns. The visors are manufactured from polypropylene which ensures minimum damage in the event of an accident.

Vertical and Horizontal Louvres

Both half and full horizontal anti sun-phantom louvers together with vertical louvers, are available from ATS. 200mm and 300mm sizes are available. The louvers are manufactured from polypropylene.

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