Pedestrian Lanterns & Countdown Timers

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LED Standman and Walkman lanterns are produced using the same modular construction and many of the same components used in producing the Aldridge range of vehicle lanterns. Many parts of the housing are therefore interchangeable. The pedestrian lantern housing features:

LED Pedestrian Lanterns


  • Available in Aluminium, Polycarbonate and Recyclable Go Green Enviro Housing
  • High luminous output
  • Operates in high temperatures
  • Moisture resistant
  • LED driven at low current in order to avoid premature ageing
  • Compatible with existing Traffic Controllers in relation to dimming and monitoring
  • Long-term reliability and operational life
  • Low output degradation
  • Low sun-phantom intensity
  • Low veiling reflection
  • Coloured lens in compliance with colour requirements of CIE/AS2144
  • Meets the “Shut-down” requirement of AS2144
  • Can operate with solar power
  • Dual hinging doors
  • Available with a wide range of accessories
  • IP protection: IP65
  • Door-locking clips available as an anti-theft device

Pedestrian lanterns are normally supplied complete with rectangular visors as illustrated. Two basic optical systems are available, Blue/Black backs and reflector carrier options.


  • Substantial energy and cost-saving
  • Long reliable service life
  • Uniform lens illumination


  • Available in AC: 240V, 230V, 48V, 42V, and 12V DC, 24V DC
  • LED lanterns can be made available to meet specifications of American ITE, and BSEN 12368: 2014


  • Pedestrian lanterns are supplied complete with visors and mounting straps

Pedestrian Countdown Timers

Aldridge Pedestrian Count-Down Display (PCD) utilises the latest in microprocessor and LED technologies to provide a cutting edge product.

The Pedestrian Countdown Timer (PCD) has been manufactured under the operation of Pedestrian Traffic Signals in RTA Specification TSC/4. The PCD is powered by 240V AC (or 42V AC in 42V AC version), which is taken from the signal lantern (typically the RED standing man / Don’t Walk lantern used to flash the clearance period).

No programming is required for the PCD as it auto-detects the flashing clearance period. Auto-detection occurs for at least one complete cycle before displaying the correct countdown sequence on the following cycle. Timing and synchronisation with the flashing clearance is taken from the flashing lantern (typically the RED Standman / Don’t Walk lantern is used to flash the clearance period).


  •      Latest in LED technology for low power, high brightness, and long operational life.
  •  Built-in intelligence to detect the pedestrian clearance period.
  •  RTA Equipment Specification No. TSC/4 for Pedestrian Traffic Signals.
  •  On-site configurable leading zero digit blanking.
  •  No additional programming or configuration required
  •  Lanterns are compliant with Australian and International standards
  •  Australian designed and Manufactured
  •  Available with IP65 Signal Lanterns Housings
  •  U.V stabilised components
  •  Modular components for easy maintenance
  •  Fits standard 200mm Traffic Signal Lantern Housings.
  •  Simple installation for new or existing traffic signals.
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