240/42V Dual Voltage LED Traffic Signal

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Dual Voltage LED Traffic Signals

As 42V AC is rated ELV, traffic operators and on-site installers avoid the risk of electrical contact. As most of the intersections operate on 240V AC Aldridge has developed a 240/42V AC Dual Voltage LED traffic lantern to make the transition progressive.


  • Selectable voltage between 240V & 42V AC
  • Available in Aluminium, Polycarbonate and Recyclable Go Green Enviro Housing
  • Dual stage connection for simple installation
  • Fused 42V AC input for overvoltage protection
  • Wide temperature tolerance –from -15ºC ~ +60ºC
  • Lamp failure monitoring  and shutdown system
  • Linear dimming on both 240V and 42V operation
  • Uniform luminous intensity
  • Low sun phantom
  • IP65 rated enclosure – Dust and moisture resistant
  • Designed for AS-2144
  • Retrofit optics available

Power Performance

Aldridge LED signal consumes less power than a conventional halogen lamp, allowing a massive reduction of 89% in
operating cost.

Optical Performance

The Aldridge LED signal ensures uniform luminous distribution. Each aspect presents a pattern of light points that are uniformly distributed across the circular aperture, which results in a constant light source without variation when viewed from any angle within the viewing range.

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