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Clearsonics Wayphone Placement


WayPhone Freeway Application

A Clearsonics WayPhone should be easily accessed by the user. Placement of the WayPhone however is important as a number of areas must be taken into consideration.

WayPhones are used on roads in both city and country locations. Appropriate State Government authorities take into account the volume of traffic which is being utilised or to be utilised and also allow for the time that assistance can be rendered to a user such as a towing facility or medical emergency.

The installation spacing of a WayPhone may differ. In built up city applications WayPhones can be installed 1000 meters apart. In country applications the spacing is normally every 2km.

Multiple Freeways (Both Sides)

If a freeway has more than 2 lanes in both directions and the shoulder of the road or the emergency lane does not have appropriate space it is recommended that two WayPhones be used. This is to stop the user from attempting to cross sections of traffic where an accident may very well occur.


Dependent on the type of tunnel and traffic volume, it is recommended WayPhones can be installed from 100 to 200mts apart.

Other areas of concern to assist in the use of the WayPhone are appropriate lighting levels and road signage to direct and confirm position of the WayPhone.

Note: To confirm use and placement of WayPhones please consult your local authority.

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