Aldridge iTouch Takes Cities by Storm

  • Posted by: Marion Jones
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Mary Couros Adelaide City Councillor – North Ward Melbourne Street North Adelaide

COVID Safe iTouch

Aldridge Traffic Systems, have been busy manufacturing the iTouch touchless pedestrian push button. The product has been taking towns and cities by storm, reaching as far as the UK and Ireland, the success of the iTouch has been incredible but not surprising. Trial sites are now all over Australia as the supply meets demand to install these hygienic contactless safety buttons. With COVID awareness the iTouch is here to stay, the conventional pedestrian push button will be a thing of the past, no one wants to risk the spread of infection, and as the world’s population start about their daily business, they want to move safely around their towns and cities. This is one sure fire way to put pedestrians safety first and one which Aldridge is passionate about.

The iTouch can be installed at pedestrian crossing sites very easily, wired up to the exisiting set ups or new locations, making it a very cost effective solution for councils. The infrared proximity sensor has been tested to a 10,000,000 activation rate and operates with just a wave of the hand in front of the device. The iTouch retains the functionality of the traditional pedestrian push button including the audio tactile features for hearing or vision impaired people and the call record can be included as part of the device.

The iTouch looks very familiar as it looks very similar to the existing pedestrian push buttons, so will it not confuse pedestrians as to the use. Aldridge have designed new labels instructions for the sites which look very different to the old ones, simply worded and illustrated it shows the user how to set off the device ready for safe crossing. They can be ordered in English only or together with Arabic and Mandarin.

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