DeNeefe Road Safety Signage

Established in 1926, De Neefe, a subsidiary company of Traffic Technologies Ltd, is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of fixed metal directional and instructional traffic signs. De Neefe has operations in every state of Australia, with the main production facility located in Melbourne. Norsign, a division of De Neefe, is located in the Northern Territory and Sunnysigns located in Perth.

DeNeefe is a subsidiary company of Traffic Technologies Ltd. DeNeefe signage division manufactures and supplies the complete catalogue of directional and regulatory traffic signs and traffic control products to road traffic authorities, municipal councils and the construction industry.

DeNeefe also manufactures a wide range of vests, brackets, cones and bollards, as well as corporate signage for both Government and private sectors. DeNeefe also provide sign installation and computer assessment of Local Government Signage.

Proudly Australian, DeNeefe works in conjunction with the other divisions of Traffic Technologies Ltd, to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all traffic signage, pedestrian signage and all road safety signage requirements. Including Vehicle Activated signs and Hi Vis signage.

With manufacturing plants across the country, customers are assured of service and quality within dedicated time frames. DeNeefe hold 3M Sign Warranty Certificate. Is a Certified Authorised Convertor of Avery Dennison and holds the ICS Platinum Warranty Certificate.

De Neefe Road Safety Products


Placed at the beginning of a section, Regulatory Signs inform road users of traffic laws or regulations which, if disregarded, is an offence.

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Warning signs are used to warn traffic of potentially hazardous conditions on or adjacent to the road.

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Guide signs inform road users about the route they are following and give directions and distances to destinations.

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Hazard signs are used to highlight to approaching traffic a marked change in the direction of travel and width of an obstruction.

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