VC6 Traffic Controller

VC6 Traffic Controller

SCATS Compatible – CM3248-VC6

Fully compatible with the latest TRAFF Versions and RMS amendment to TSC/4. The CM3248-VC6 Supports 32 signal groups, 48 loops and 48 pedestrian push button inputs. Also supports Traff VC6.1 for SCATS 6.9.3 and VC6.2 for SCATS 6.9.4.

CM3248-VC6 Features:

  • 2 x dedicated Ethernet ports: 

1 to SCATS

1 to the web server UI 

  • 2 x USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mb/s) ports used with flash drives for fault log download
  • Internal modem for Bell103 and V.34 modes operating on leased lines or PSTN
  • New personality module
  • Dimming by Wire
  • New Housing Electrical Code Encoder 
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