VC6 Traffic Controller

VC6 Traffic Controller

TC Traffic Controller New CM3248-VC6 Command Module fully compatible with latest TRAFF versions and RMS amendment to TSC/4.

The new Command Module CM3248-VC6 from QTC was designed to run the latest RMS Traff VC6 software. The module name CM3248-VC6 is derived from the software supporting 32 signal groups, 48 loops and 48 pedestrian push button inputs and both Traff VC6.1 for SCATS 6.9.3 and VC6.2 for SCATS 6.9.4, which is not yet commercially available, are supported.

The new CPU consists of three processors running at 240MHz:

  • Processor 1 runs RMS’ Traff and QTC’s HRS (Hardware Related Software)
  • Processor 2 runs the Secondary Conflict Monitor
  • Processor 3 runs a dedicated web server


The processors have:
  • Internal 4MB flash memory with the possibility of securing the memory against unauthorised access
  • Internal 512KB of RAM memory
  • External flash memory of 32MB for Processors 1 and 3
  • External 2MB RAM for Processor 1, expandable to 16MB
  • External SDRAM of 64MB for Processor 1 and 32MB for Processor 3, both expandable up to 128MB

One advantage of running from internal memory is that both the flash and RAM are exceptionally fast: 120MHz (equivalent to an 8.3ns access time) and 240MHz (equivalent to 4.3ns access time) which are much faster than anything achievable with external memories.

Communication between Processor 1 and Processors 2 and 3 is via USB2.0 signalling.
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