Mike Healy DeNeefe Signs Retires

  • Posted by: Marion Jones
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Mike Healy retires, holding the record for the longest serving employee of DeNeefe Signs since the company was opened in 1926

Mike has been with DeNeefe Signs for almost 52 years. Starting out, a young man on the factory floor, as a letterpress sign printer in 1968 at the Richmond factory. Lots of things have changed over his time and Mike remembers the major landmarks.

Hanna Taouk – National Operations Manager…

“Mike has been a much-loved member of the DeNeefe staff, he is always smiling and happy, which makes him a great person to work with. A much-valued member of our Customer Service team he has been a great asset to the company. Working up from the factory floor to his current position as Estimator and Customer Service, makes Mike one of the most experienced and most knowledgeable employees, he understands all the processes from order to delivery. Together with his daily dealings with major customers and new clients, we are sure that his winning personality keeps our customers very happy. He will be missed by everyone here. We wish him all the best in his retirement”

Mike now steps out of his working life to spend more time with his wife, Arina who retired last year as a specialised teacher for the deaf. Arina too, has worked for DeNeefe, as has all Mike’s immediate family at some time, either for work experience or as an employee.

Asked if Mike has any advice on his secret to happiness, he replied “The most important thing in life is family, they mean the world to me. Another piece of advice is keeping fit, I walk every day for at least half hour”. (Most of you who know Mike will know how much he values keeping fit, walking every lunchtime with him work mate Travis).

Mike is an avid HAWKS supporter as you can see from the fantastic piece of artwork which was given to Mike as a leaving gift from one of his work colleagues. We think that is one great leaving gift and will be a great reminder of Mikes’ time with DeNeefe.

Mike has three wonderful grown children and 3 gorgeous grand-children, so he is looking forward to spending more time with them, as well as keeping busy with house renovation.

Asked if he had to change anything in his time at DeNeefe, he replied “I have loved working here, I suppose I would have liked to try being on the road meeting customers face to face but that is the only thing”

All will miss seeing Mike day to day but we wish Mike the very best for his retirement and a long and happy future.

Tom Holmes will be taking over from where Mike left off, and Mike has been introducing him to all the Clients.