Shuttle Traffic System

Shuttle Traffic System

Aldridge Traffic Systems (ATS) Shuttle Traffic Signal (STS) utilises the latest in microprocessor and RF technologies to provide a cutting edge product.

The STS is a dual-control system, which consists of a Master and Slave unit. Both units are housed in an IP55 rated enclosure, with a built-in 240Vac 50Hz power supply and battery back-up system.

The battery backup is suitable for up to 6 hours of operation. The battery charger requires at least 16 hours to charge a flat battery.

A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and keyboard, provides a user friendly menu driven interface, that allows for on-site configuration and diagnostics with the built-in fault log and warning system.

Status and Mode indicators on the control units, provide feedback on the status of the signal lanterns and the mode of operation.


  • Powered by 240V AC (Mains Supply)
  • Battery backup for up to 6 hours operation
  • Built-in battery charging system
  • Single Lane Shuttle Control
  • Radio link master/slave operation (optional cable connection)
  • Infra-red beam detection for vehicle detection
  • Designed for RTA equipment Specification No. PTS/3 for Portable Traffic Signals part A and B
  • Compliance with AS4191:1994 and other standards available
  • LCD with user friendly menu and keyboard interface
  • Built in fault log and Warning on Display
  • Fail-safe operation under fault
  • On-site configurable
  • Uses Aldridge Signal Lanterns which are compliant with Australian and International standards
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • IP55 control enclosure
  • IP35 Signal Lanterns (IP65 optional)
  • U.V. stabilised components
  • Modular components for easy maintenance
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