VC6 Traffic Controller

VC6 Traffic Controller

SCATS® Compatible – CM3248-VC6 (certification Pending)

Designed to the latest specifications TSI-SP-069, the new CM3248-VC6 Command Module is fully compatible with the latest TRAFF and TfNSW versions. 

The new Command Module CM3248-VC6 from QTC is designed to run the latest TfNSW Traff VC6 software. 

The modules name CM3248-VC6, is derived from the software supporting 32 signal groups, 48 loops and 8 pedestrian push button, (56 inputs), supporting the latest TRAFF VC6.2 with SCATS® 6.9.4 version also supporting VC5 with VC6.1.

CM3248-VC6 Features:

  • 2x Ethernet ports, one dedicated to SCATS® and the other to the web server user interface. The web user interface will allow monitoring of the operation and subject to privileges, changes to the operation of the controller. 
  • 2x USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mb/s) ports are used with flash drives for fault log download (or to recharge a mobile phone, should it be necessary).
  • Internal modem for Bell103 and V.34 modes operating on leased lines or PSTN.
  • UARTs with 64 bytes transmit and received FIFOs for backplane communications.
  • Real Time Clock with battery backup.
  • Incorporates an ultra-capacitor to allow operation for up to 20 seconds in the event of power failure (last gasp).
  • All other interfaces are the same as in the Command Module CM3264 VC5.
  • The new Command Module is compatible with the requirements of TSI-SP-069  Amendment 3 , 4 and 5:
  • Dimming by Signal Control (or as commonly called Dim by Wire). This function is assured by an external Lamp Dimming Signal Generator under the control of the Command Module. ELV and Dim by Wire options (phase control and transformer dimming options available).
  • Generator connection and mains Change-over switch, with automatic crystal stabilisation of the clock when using a generator. USB interface – to capture logs for field firmware updates and an option to hold the Personality.
  • New Personality Module format; old format and USB format options also available.
  • New Housing Electrical Code Encoder to define the key electrical characteristics of the cabinet, that is, the lamp supply voltage regulation method: phase control or transformer based, the lamp dimming type: phase control, transformer based dimming or dimming by control signal (or by wire) and the lamp supply voltage: nominal mains or Extra Low Voltage (ELV).
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