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iTouch Contactless Pedestrian Push Button Control

Touch-less Pedestrian Push Button Control

Safer Pedestrian Signalised Crossings

Introducing Aldridge iTouch the latest technology in Pedestrian Push Button Control.

With traditional push button controls, pedestrians physically push the button at traffic signal intersections to inform the traffic signals they are waiting to cross the road. With Aldridge iTouch no physical touch is necessary.

Pedestrians can now activate the control at the signalised intersection with just a wave of their hand.


Public Hygiene

Today more than ever before, improved hygiene measures are necessary. The risk of infection is greatly increased by human to surface contact. With the introduction of the new iTouch, the spread of infection is substantially reduced. iTouch is a hygienic alternative to standard pedestrian push buttons, which protects the public against potential contamination of their hands and virus spread.

Reduces Traffic Congestion

The iTouch ensures that traffic flow can continue to operate adaptively.  Unnecessary stopping cycles are decreased by stopping vehicles only when a pedestrian uses the iTouch. This reduces traffic congestion, driver frustration and improves pedestrian safety.

Contactless System

The iTouch features an Infrared Proximity Sensor so that pedestrians can request a crossing phase with just a wave of their hand in front of the illuminated sensor. iTouch retains all the functionality of the traditional push button, including the audio tactile features for the hearing or vision impaired.

Safer Crossing Behaviour

Allowing pedestrians access to control when crossing at traffic intersections, reduces waiting times, frustration and encourages safer pedestrian behaviour.

Microwave Pedestrian Push Button Control

iTouch Microwave

Audio Tactile Touchless Push Button with call record & Microwave Sensor, RMS. Aldridge iTouch V2 the latest technology in Microwave Touchless Pedestrian Push Button Control. With Aldridge iTouch V2 Microwave no physical touch is necessary. The iTouch V2 can be installed at different site locations with alternative wiring scenarios. No need for expensive changeover units and unnecessary labour.


  • Utilising the latest in LED technology for low power, high brightness, and long operational life
  • Voltage supply: 24V DC
  • Must require external pole mount 24V DC power supply to operate
  • Push button is rated to IP45 as per required by AS2353 standard
  • Adjustable proximity range (5cm ~ 15cm)
  • Optional rain-tolerant adjustable mode
  • Volume control feature
  • Sensor LED detection (red when activated)
  • The iTouch Sensor has been successfully tested to a 10,000,000 activation rate
  • Trigger State (0.5 ~ 30 sec)
  • Arrow disc can be supplied pointing in any direction
  • Bicycle symbol also available
  • No programming changes required to site controller
  • No audio upgrades required
  • Buttons can easily be installed onsite with wiring changes only
  • No additional cables required if Call Record is already installed in poles

Audio Tactile Pedestrian Detector

The system comprises two separate units; a post-mounted weatherproof box, which accommodates the electronic control circuitry, power supply and ambient noise monitor microphone, plus an Aldridge Traffic Systems (ATS) audio tactile push-button assembly. The push-button assembly accommodates the tactile transducer fitted to the front escutcheon plate, which also houses the audio signal transmitter. Two models are available, the push-button assembly or an ATS CW series type assembly.

Audio Tactile Pedestrian Detector Push Button Assembly

Representing a major technology advance from ATS, the audio tactile detector and push-button assembly, is available with options of either audio only, tactile only or audio plus tactile indication. The audio-tactile facilities can be partnered with either the ATS pedestrian push-button assembly, where uniformity at existing installations or visual wait sign indication is desired. All pedestrians, including those with sight and/or hearing impairments, are catered for with the ATS pedestrian detection and indication system.


  • Provides both tactile and audio indication facilities
  • Emits a continuous audio signal to aid push-button assembly location and identification
  • Distinct audio and tactile signal for positive walk (cross) indication
  • Audible signal level controls automatically adjust for ambient noise
  • Time lapse sensing electronics ensure smooth automatic level control
  • Only responds to consistent increases in ambient noise, ignoring isolated transient fluctuations
  • Maximum level audio tone adjustment
  • Reliable proven audio and tactile adjustment
  • Reliable proven audio and tactile transducer
  • Sensitive ambient noise monitoring
  • Factory adjustable zero set, change tone, tactile, walk tone and don’t walk tone levels
  • Operationally proven design
  • Utilisation of standard push button assemblies, universal pedestrian acceptance and to facilitate maintenance support
  • Solid state circuitry, proven transducer and means of signal interlocking, ensure ultimate safety and reliability

iTouch+ One-Tap Pedestrian Green Man Time Extender



Seniors and those with a disability often require modification to the time limits allowed at pedestrian crossings and busy intersections, the conventional push-button system may not give adequate time for safe crossing, especially for those who are less reactive and slower in crossing, which may give way to anxiety and panic.

The iTouch+, allows senior and disability cardholders to tap their concession card onto the sensor, mounted above the conventional push-button controller. The tap region is clearly indicated and is easily accessible.

One-tap of the concession card extends the green-man time from anywhere between 3 – 13 seconds depending on the size and location of the crossing.

This system has been tried and tested for many years and has been a great benefit to elderly and disabled pedestrians users.


Safer Crossing

Allowing immobile pedestrians extended pedestrian crossing times at traffic intersections, reduces panic, frustration and fear of traffic, which can be an altogether unpleasant experience and may also prevent a person from going out in public for fear of accidents.

Public Hygiene

People with impairment, elderly or disabled, need to be protected by improved hygiene measures. The risk of infection is greatly increased by human-to-surface contact. With the introduction of the one-tap for the elderly and disabled, the spread of infection is substantially reduced. iTouch+ is a hygienic alternative to standard pedestrian push buttons, which protects the public from potentially contaminating their hands and can prevent virus spread.


iTouch+ is designed to fit snugly above an existing conventional push button control system or the new iTouch Contactless system.  The curve of the iTouch+ mirrors the shape of the conventional push button system.

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